Stop Reaching For Your Phone

You enter the elevator and as the elevator doors start to close, you quickly reach for your phone to avoid the awkward silence. Yet there's no reception in the elevator, so you either stare at a blank loading screen or just scroll through your main menus. How awkward. But it's okay because you look busy, … Continue reading Stop Reaching For Your Phone

Be Yourself

We've all been in school, worried about what others think of you. Worried about that awkward silence after you speak. Worried about this and that. The cool kids just say, "dude just be yourself". But in your head you think, "I'm trying!" Well, here are two simple ways I've found to be helpful to be … Continue reading Be Yourself

Don’t Follow Your Passion, Find Your Motivation

Everyone says to "follow your passion." Others say to "find your purpose." But I say to find your Motivation. Everyone has passions, but it doesn't mean it should be your career. Let me give you some questions to ask yourself: Do you like to create? Create art, create music, or create things through various expressions. Do you … Continue reading Don’t Follow Your Passion, Find Your Motivation

Do You Rub People The Wrong Way?

I transposed this from Jocko Willink's podcast (ex-Navy Seal Commander). His answer to this question was so profound I just had to share it! Enjoy. Question: People always get into adversarial relationships with me. I've been told that I'm scary before, but never understood why. How do I maneuver around this without looking weak to appear … Continue reading Do You Rub People The Wrong Way?

What it Means to be “Present”

People tell us to be "present in the moment" (popularized by Eckhart Tolle), but can't explain it without: 1) Using the word "present," 2) Teaching you some weird breathing technique, 3) And using hippy woo-woo language. Here is my practical interpretation for what it means to be present without any of those three! It makes sense to me, so yeah... you'll … Continue reading What it Means to be “Present”

The 3 Pillars of a Relationship

The three pillars in any relationship are: Attraction - Physical and sexual attraction. Chemistry - Personality and conversational compatibility Values - Core values and lifestyle People prioritize these in different ways, but I believe all three are necessary for a good relationship. Maybe when I'm actually married, I'll change and update my views.. but for now, read … Continue reading The 3 Pillars of a Relationship