Sense of Urgency Creates Clarity

Ever procrastinated on a paper, assignment, or test, but when pressed with only 1 hour left you seem to channel your focus and figure it out to get it done?

I believe everyone is capable of being a leader. One of the things that differentiates whether you believe it or not is if you have the internal sense of urgency to make it happen.

We need the same sense of urgency from that 1 hour cram session to be applied consistently in your life, work, school, career, or whatever it may be. That sense of urgency is a differentiating variable that you have the power to control. The issue is that sometimes you don’t know what the end goal or vision is, and in that case you need to ask or figure it out.

This is why immigrants tend to be more driven and hard-working because they’ve already gone through the hardships to understand that the alternative is worse. Their pain is their internal leverage for them to succeed. And through that, it creates tremendous amount of focus and drive. When you become complacent, that is when you become indecisive, lack focus, and direction. You stroll in a little late, you lack conviction to win a sale, or are afraid to make the tough decisions for concern of other people’s feelings.

Urgency creates clarity.

If you are faced with a tough decision that is within the realm of a “gray area”, you may not know the right course of action. But here’s the answer: Urgency. You need to ask yourself: if this is your company, what would you do? If your livelihood depends on this project, what would you do? How much do you value each deadline, no matter how small it may seem?

I once heard Evan Thomas (ET the hip hop preacher) say “if you want to succeed as much as you want to breathe, then you will succeed.” And I believe that. You need to have enough internal leverage on yourself to succeed in order to weather the trials and tribulations to get there. Because trust me, you will face failure, disappointment, people judging you, getting blamed, mocked, and ridiculed.

What if you work in an environment that lacks focus and drive? Like working for the government or state. Sometimes your company, boss, or team doesn’t have any expectation or urgency, so how do you deal with that?

Then you need to create it within yourself. Set deadlines for yourself, impose goals and achievements to strive for.

But if you can’t maintain it within yourself, then do something about it. Change your environment. Don’t play the victim card, go out and take action, speak up, or prove them wrong. Change direction, be your own boss, there are many ways to deal it with, but being a victim isn’t one of them. Because there are millions of others who have it worse.

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