The Currency of Life = Spend Time or Spend Money

Most things in life can be achieved by spending time or spending money. You can spend time doing it, or spend money to have it done.

You want to wash your car? You can spend time and wash it yourself or alternatively, you can go to the car wash and pay to have it washed for you.

Another one is cooking. You can spend time to cook your own meals, or spend money and buy meals.

I for one, hate cooking and washing the dishes. I truly dread cooking and think it’s not an efficient use of my time. The time vs. cost is just not worth it for me, so as a result I eat out or buy food that requires minimal cooking. Some people actually enjoy the process of cooking, so it’s not a negative experience for them, but for me, no thanks.

I do however make my own Acai smoothies. Probably costs me $3.00 to make my own Acai, with the convenience of making it anytime with virtually no dish washing necessary.

So, I don’t mind spending on purchases for my convenience if the cost justifies the time savings.

Spotify Premium is a $10 a month service but it is well worth the cost of not having to listen through ads as I listen to music. I save time by not listening through ads and the annoyances that it creates.

Whether it’s YouTube Red, Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc. All these services and costs should have some tangible effect on your time and convenience, whether it’s worth it to you is up for you to decide.

This is because we have finite time and finite money. So I believe we should view both as finite resources in our decision-making and make decisions proportionally to what we value.

So whenever you are faced with if this is worth it? Or should I pay for this? I would ask yourself if it makes sense in accordance to your time and money.


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