Stop Reaching For Your Phone

You enter the elevator and as the elevator doors start to close, you quickly reach for your phone to avoid the awkward silence. Yet there’s no reception in the elevator, so you either stare at a blank loading screen or just scroll through your main menus. How awkward. But it’s okay because you look busy, right? At least your mind is preoccupied.

We’re all familiar to it. That subconscious impulse to distract yourself at any moment of slight discomfort or awkwardness. We check our phone in between gym sets, in the elevator, in awkward moments, while we’re eating, or even when we wake up.

By the way, I love my phone.

And I’m not condemning the use of your phone. It’s okay to grab your phone if you are legitimately bored, got work related activities to do, or are communicating with your friends. Or maybe you’re extremely busy and that’s the only time available to learn, to grow, or to educate yourself.

But I think there’s a distinction between using your phone and relying on it for continual escapism. We need to realize if we have the habit of instantly grabbing our phones at any time slot available to look through buzzfeed articles. We need to realize if we have a fear of being one with our thoughts, the stillness of the air that forces us to think. Or maybe it’s the fear of social, mental, or emotional discomfort so we use it to avoid looking like a loner.

We reach for our phones just to look at it for 2, 10, or 30 seconds, preoccupying our minds with viral videos and superficial news to distract us.

Are you growing or stagnating?

So stop reaching for your phone, and just chill. Or if you do use it, use it for something useful.

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