Stop Being a Try-Hard… The 1 Year Principle

Trying to prove yourself in a new environment, team, or project? Made a bad first impression? Meeting new owners or clients? Is someone frustrated at you? Are you too anxious?

Whenever you are in that situation, I urge you to stop and employ the 1 Year Principle. The 1 Year Principle is this…

Don’t worry about what they think of you today, tomorrow, or next week.

Your goal is to ensure that in 1 year, they understand your value and character. That they will think positively of you in 1 year.

The 1 Year Principle is really about patience. It’s putting a time frame on patience and boiling it down to a practical level. Instead of stressing or caring about what they think of you constantly, be patient, and be OKAY with discomfort if it does happens. Be okay if you don’t have rapport instantly. Be okay if someone else gets all the glory.

By employing The 1 Year Principle, you can build long-term genuine relationships, avoid being too try-hard, and detach your ego from all situations. You will be more grounded and self-confident in your abilities. You’re calm because your confident. You’re patient because you have time. So avoid putting up a front or escaping from any sign of discomfort. Be patient and apply The 1 Year Principle.


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