Take Action

I reason too much in my head. I over analyze and over think a situation. I create limiting beliefs about myself on how I’m not smart enough, likeable enough, rich enough, good looking enough, charismatic enough, and the list goes on.

When I’m nervous, I think about how nervous I am which in turn gets me more nervous. In stressful situations, I freeze and I become stifled. My fight or flight kicks in when someone questions my thoughts or actions. My ego gets threatened when someone appears to be stronger, smarter, or more social. I am afraid of rejection and prefer the comfort of safety without taking risks.

Sound familiar?

This affects everyone. No one wants to be the weird kid in elementary or the loner at lunch. We all go through childhood becoming neurologically ingrained to certain thought patterns and fears. Our human instinct forces us to flee from pain and seek shelter by becoming socially accepted.

What is it that you want? Or afraid of?

A promotion. A new side hustle. A healthy and rockin’ body. Being able to talk to that hot girl. Speaking your mind and not being afraid of who you are. Happiness. Love. Not being alone. Confrontation. Money. Feeling loved and cared about.

Whatever you want or are afraid of.. two words. Take Action.

Sounds practical, easy to do, and somewhat cliche. But oddly enough, it is one of the hardest things we can do as individuals. We continually fill ourselves with self-doubt, anxiety, and rationalizations.

Often times, we believe we take action and we rationalize how many things we’ve already done today. Forget about all the inner self-development principles and just TAKE ACTION. Don’t think any further and just do. It’s amazing how momentum will kick in and help you achieve your goal.

Take the first step now. Actually, just take 1 step.

  1. Take one step outside
  2. Wash one dish
  3. Make one phone call
  4. Talk to one person
  5. Put one sock on
  6. Throw one trash away
  7. Say hello

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