Inner Voice [A Short Poem]

What is that "inner voice"? I never understood it But it dawned on me It's that voice where you mouth the words But keep your lips shut Talking and verbalizing your thoughts Narrating your life Or telling you what to do Criticizing you Talking to itself like a schizophrenic It's only known itself But it's … Continue reading Inner Voice [A Short Poem]

Make It Before You Fake It

I don't believe in the saying "fake it till you make it." I am still a long ways out on my journey, but I don't think faking it is ever the right choice. Faking confidence will expose you. People can smell a phony. You can never have true core confidence by faking it. Alternatively, there's a … Continue reading Make It Before You Fake It

Sense of Urgency Creates Clarity

Ever procrastinated on a paper, assignment, or test, but when pressed with only 1 hour left you seem to channel your focus and figure it out to get it done? I believe everyone is capable of being a leader. One of the things that differentiates whether you believe it or not is if you have the internal sense of urgency … Continue reading Sense of Urgency Creates Clarity

Don’t Follow Your Passion, Find Your Motivation

Everyone says to "follow your passion." Others say to "find your purpose." But I say to find your Motivation. Everyone has passions, but it doesn't mean it should be your career. Let me give you some questions to ask yourself: Do you like to create? Create art, create music, or create things through various expressions. Do you … Continue reading Don’t Follow Your Passion, Find Your Motivation